Recent Work and Working Papers

How effective was the UK Carbon Tax? A Machine Learning Approach to Policy Evaluation.
with M. Kosch and S. Rausch. Submitted.

Buffering Volatility: Storage Investments and Technology-Specific Renewable Energy Support (PDF, 430 KB) 
with C. Streitberger and S. Rausch
Revision requested by Energy Economics

Assessing Supply Security – A compund indicator
with L. Chavaz and H. Weigt

Dealing with Supply Disruption on the European Natural Gas Market: Infrastrucutre Investments or Coordinated Policies?
with L. Chavaz and H. Weigt

Machine Learning, Counterfactual Prediction, and Policy Evaluation
with M. Kosch and S. Rausch
Commissioned by Nature Energy

Environmental Policy and Competitiveness of Product Markets: The Case of Electricity
with J.-P. Nicolei and A. Zaklan

Pricing the Unexpected: Optimal Imbalance Pricing in Electricity Markets
with C. Mendes, J. Salvesberg, and H. Weigt

Refereed Journal Articles

The Economics of Renewable Energy Support
with C. Streitberger and S. Rausch.
Journal of Public Economics, 2019, 176, 94-117.

Carbon Abatement with renewables: Evaluation of wind and solar subsidies in Germany and Spain
with M. Kosch and S. Rausch
Journal of Public Economics,  2019, 196, 172-202.

Integrating economic and engineering models for future electricity market evaluation: A Swiss case study
with P. Eser, J. Garrison, J. Savelsberg, and H. Weigt
Energy Strategy Reviews, 2019, 25, 86-106.

How Robust is the Uniform Emission Pricing Rule to Social Equity Concerns?
with S. Rausch and G. Schwarz
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2018, 92, 783-814.

Higher Prices, Lower Cost? Minimum Prices in the EU Emissions Trading System
with S. Rausch and H. Yonezawa
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2019, 121, 446-481.

Combining Price and Quantity Controls under Partitioned Regulation
with S. Rausch
Journal of Public Economics, 2017, 145, 226-242.
Online Appendix available here

The Short and Long Term Impact of Europe’s Natural Gas Market on Electricity Markets until 2050
with  H. Weigt
The Energy Journal, 2016, 37(SI3), 125-146.

Stationarity Changes in Long-Run Fossil Resource Prices: Evidence from Persistence Break Testing
with A. Zaklan and A.Neumann
Energy Economics, 2016, 59, 96-103.

Cross-Country Electricity Trade, Renewable Energy and European Transmission Infrastructure Policy
with S. Rausch
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management,  2016, 79, 87-113.

The Global Impacts of Extreme Sea-level Rise. A comprehensive economic assessment
with J. Pycroft and J.-C. Ciscar
Environmental and Resource Economics, 2016, 64, 225-253.

Response to “Comment on ‘The Global Impacts of Extreme Sea-Level Rise: A Comprehensive Economic Assessment”’
with J. Pycroft and J.-C. Ciscar
Environmental and Resource Economics
, 2016,  64, 345-347.

Investments in a Combined Energy Network Model: Substitution between Natural Gas and Electricity?
with H. Weigt
The Energy Journal, 2016, 37(4).

Economic impacts of EU clean air policies assessed in a CGE framework
with Z. Vrontis, Z., F. Neuwahl, B. Saveyn, and F. Wagner
Environmental Science and Policy, 2016, 55(1), 54-64.

Integrating Intermittent Renewable Wind Generation – A Stochastic Multi-Market Electricity Model for the European Electricity Market
with F. Kunz
Networks and Spatial Economics
, 15(1), 2015, 117-147.

Combining Energy Networks
with H. Weigt
Networks and Spatial Economics, 
12 (3): 377-401.

Regulating CO2 emissions of transportation in Europe: A CGE-analysis using market-based instruments
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2010, 15(4), 235-239.


Transport under Emission Trading: A Computable General Equilibrium Assessment
2011, PhD Thesis, Dresden, Suedwestdeutscher Verlag fuer Hochschulschriften.


The Swiss Wholesale Electricity Market
SCCER CREST WP3-2016/07, 2016

The Clean Air Policy Package
European Commission Staff Working Document, 2013, Impact Assessment, COM(2013) 920 final, SWD(2013) 531.

Review of Regulation (EC) No 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases
European Commission Staff Working Document, 2012, Impact Assessment, COM(2012) 643 final, SWD(2012) 364.

Unpublished Work

Note on Mixed Complementarity Models in GAMS (incl. GAMS codes), 2017

The Interaction of Emission trading and Renewable Promotion
with H. Weigt, 2008

Start Me Up Modeling of Power Plant Start-Up Conditions and Their Impact on Prices
with F. Kunz and H. Weigt, 2016